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Harvey Heals are proud to support Tree Aid -  a fantastic UK charity working with communities in the drylands of Africa where trees are often scarce. Tree Aid works hard to tackle poverty and the effects of the climate crisis. The charity plants trees, helps local communities create sustainable change, and make an income.

More specifically, we are supporting Tree Aid's 'She Grows' project, which aims to empower 1,000 women in Mali, to grow trees and food, send their children to school and enables them to create their own sustainable businesses. Giving back to Gaia through Tree Aid, improves the environment (and much more!) for generations to come with increased oxygen in the air and better soil fertility; whilst promoting emotional health and wellbeing.  

Every time you participate in an activity with Harvey Heals, we donate funds for trees to be planted in drylands Africa, to help empower as many women and children as possible. We want to make a social impact and help communities in Africa experience the benefits of trees and develop life changing skills.

Giving Back to Gaia

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