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Join our CPD Certified
Science-Backed Anxiety Course 

💚 Tap into the Power of Children's Emotional Wellbeing 💚

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Join Nicola Harvey for a CPD Certified training course to bridge the gap between anxiety and supporting the holistic wellbeing of children and young people.


Calming Anxious Children with Therapeutic Tapping” is designed for educators, parents, administrators, therapists, and practitioners, who are passionate about making a difference.


This practical course will teach you how to use therapeutic tapping (EFT) as a self-regulation tool to calm anxious children. You'll learn vital skills to help children feel centred, and enhance their chances of living happy, more wholesome lives.

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Why Join the Course?

Expert Insights: Learn science-backed strategies to enhance children's mental health and wellbeing, from leading educator and wellbeing specialist.

Psychoeducation: Develop a trauma-informed understanding of anxiety, children's experiences, neuroscience, and the impact on emotional health and resilience.

Tap into Anxiety: Build a new skillset by learning the science-backed modality of tapping, how to tap on the Meridien points, and ways to creatively tap with children.

CPD Certified: Take your professional development to the next level with this CPD Certified video course, verified by the EFT & Mindfulness Centre

Peer Reviewed: Be assured that the content has been endorsed by Educators, Clinicians and Parents.

Take Action: Engage in the sessions, and take a dive deep into actionable strategies to embed into children's lives.


Learning Opportunities:

  • Why children experience anxiety.

  • How trauma impacts children's wellbeing.

  • What tapping (EFT) is and its impact.

  • Why tapping is a science-backed modality.

  • How mindful breathing can support tapping activities.

  • How to playfully bring tapping into children's lives.

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Overview of the Modules:


Join a transformative learning experience designed for educators, and anyone invested in children's mental health and wellbeing.

Each comprehensive module delves into the core aspects of evidence-based strategies, and the wellbeing of both educators and children. 

The course is structured into 6 modules:

  • Module 1: Key Concepts of Tapping

  • Module 2: Science of Tapping

  • Module 3: Anxiety in Children

  • Module 4: Start with the Breath

  • Module 5: Tapping Activities

  • Module 6: Grounding Strategies

You will also receive a Creative Playbook (PDF) with activities to document your learning and support children.


This is an online self-paced CPD Certified video course with lifetime access.


The course also includes optional live 1:1 and group support.

Are you ready to take the next step? Investment is £120.00. Sign up by clicking the SIGN UP button.

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