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Support Your Wellbeing 
with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping 

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Nicola is a professionally accredited Advanced EFT Tapping Therapist and CPD Course Provider with the EFT & Mindfulness Centre.


Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping, is a form of somatic psychology and talk therapy, used to support emotional health and mental wellbeing.


As a clinically-proven modality, Tapping is known to treat children, teens, adults and animals experiencing anxiety, stress, trauma, phobias, low-self-esteem and other conditions.

During our sessions, Nicola will integrate other modalities including talk therapy, NLP, inner child work, and various somatic methods.

Tapping is based on traditional Chinese medicine and involves tapping on the acupuncture points (see photos) on the face, upper body, and hands. ​

You will be encouraged to notice how your body feels when you experience different emotions. If you're feeling joyous, your body may feel light and vibrant; and if you're experiencing anxiety, you may have a busy mind and a racing heartbeat.

There is no right or wrong, as all emotions are valid. However, if an overwhelming emotion is left untreated, over time it may result in mental health and/or physical issues.

As our emotions affect the flow of the body’s energy system, tapping on the acupuncture points has been clinically-proven, to help release negative beliefs, emotions, and physical conditions.

As mentioned above, Tapping supports a range of issues, can be self-soothing, and incredibly empowering. Nicola has a DBS Enhanced Certificate to work with vulnerable people, including children. 

To learn more about the therapeutic process and what its like to work with Nicola, click here.

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