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Racial Wellness for
Women of Colour



Compassion-Focused Mental Health 

Are you a woman of colour who would like to…


🌿 feel seen, heard, and valued for your efforts?


🌿 build resilience, and improve your emotional health and wellbeing?


🌿 pause and reflect on your day to day experiences?

🌿 create a deeper connection with yourself and others?

If the answer is 'yes' then Reflective Practice Supervision (RPS) is for you.

Reflective Practice Supervision with Nicola Harvey, is a non-judgemental culturally sensitive space, helpful for reducing the likelihood of burnout, overwhelm and stress. 

Nicola is an experienced and qualified Clinical Reflective Practice Supervisor and mental health specialist in education, with over 15 years experience.


Cultural Sensitivity

In sessions with Nicola, she focuses on validating the feelings, thoughts, and behaviours you may have as an person of colour. This goes hand in hand with culturally sensitive practice.

Cultural sensitivity, is the awareness, understanding, and acceptance of cultures and cultural identities within the global majority community. Every person Nicola works with, is seen as an individual with their own unique lived experiences, beliefs, values, nuances, and language; which has an impact on how they view the world around them.  

This process is embedded into the Cycle of Reflective Practice, where Nicola provides emotionally-aware thinking time to guide you through each reflective stage (see image). We use practical tools to develop greater self-awareness, build resilience, and self-compassion. This will leave you more empowered, but most importantly, seen, heard and supported!

In our 1:1 or Group sessions, you will also be guided to reflect upon your own experience of navigating through the education system. You will receive support to find clarity, set actionable goals, and identify interventions to best meet your needs for growth, self-sufficiency and personal development. 

Reflective Practice sessions with Nicola can help you...

🌿 increase awareness of your abilities and attributes

🌿 build confidence to gain better outcomes 

🌿 improve your skills and performance

🌿 provide a sense of safety, empathy and trust

Ultimately, Reflective Practice will give you a renewed perspective both personally and professionally.

To book an initial 20 minute FREE consultation, click below.

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