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Our compassion-focussed, anti-racist therapeutic consultancy, provides clinically-proven techniques and services to support emotional health and wellbeing.

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Reflective Practice Supervision


Harvey Heals provides reflective practice supervision approved by the British Psychological Society, for education practitioners and those working with children and young people. 


Increased workloads, lack of resources, compassion fatigue, and many other factors, often take their toll on educators' mental health and wellbeing.


Reflective practice supervision (RPS) is a non-judgemental, safe space where educators can share and reflect upon their thoughts and feelings in collaborative way. Educators receive professional guidance from Nicola Harvey, a qualified RPS clinical supervisor.  

Research suggests RPS can increase and replenish psychological resources, and is considered helpful in reducing the likelihood of burnout and stress, thereby improving emotional health and mental wellbeing.


In our sessions, educators are encouraged to share and reflect upon:


  • Values and relationships;

  • Day to day practice;

  • Emotional demands of the job; and

  • How the wider education system impacts wellbeing

We also explore the concept of psychological safety to draw emphasis upon inclusion, self-development and contributing ideas.

In line with creating a confidential safe space, all sessions have a privacy agreement in place, which is co-signed and agreed between the supervisee and supervisor.

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Sunny Wight

Founder of Mindfulness First


Senior Educator

"Nicola knows her subject area and offers deeply empathetic strategies. My team and I enjoyed the training from Harvey Heals. It was highly practical and brilliantly pitched towards our practitioners' needs."

"Nicola has a unique approach. Working with Nicola significantly reduced my levels of anxiety. It was very powerful because I was able to apply the techniques that Nicola taught me to different areas of my life. Thank you Nicola"


Georgina Quigley

Head of School, Spa Special School

"Nicola has delivered in-person and online CPD to staff at Spa School on a number of occasions. She is an excellent, well informed practitioner with helpful tools and strategies for both staff and student wellbeing. Highly recommend!"

Lisa Pollitt

Breathwork Practitioner

"Nicola holds space really well. She made me feel comfortable and reassured. Over the sessions, I was able to change some of my habits and feel on top of things that had been overwhelming for me beforehand."

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